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Lazy Sunday mornings are good :) Not actually been up properly for very long - I sat and spodded and read LJ for an hour or so before I got round to actually getting washed and dressed. My hair is all fluffy now *beam* ... I fell for an advertising gimmick yesterday and bought some new shampoo and conditioner - the gimmick was that they asked about 7 questions about your hair and there was a sliding scale thingy that you moved up and down depending on your answers, then at the end it told you which shampoo and conditioner you should buy for your hair type. And I washed my hair last night with this new stuff and it was easier to brush out this morning (I never brush my hair when it's wet, and I don't use a hair dryer so I didn't brush it till this morning). And it's all fluffy and nice now :)

I also bought new nail polish yesterday - a lilac colour, so I shall paint my nails again soon, but as I'm gonna be making fried eggs and waffles in a bit I shan't do it till that's done else I'll get nail polish in our breakfast.

J had his karate grading yesterday (which he passed - Yay!) ... so I pottered round town a bit after he'd gone (and bought stuff) ... then I came back and was gonna do some work, but J got back not long after and I took that as a good excuse to stop.

Instead we worked out how to make a mix-CD and put all the Porcupine Tree b-sides and rarities that J has on a CD (not the ones that'll be on Recordings, but the other ones), so he can listen to them more. I might go and get a personal CD player and then make myself CDs of the stuff I listen to. But what puts me off is the lack of battery life. I asked a couple of years ago and the one in the shop with longest battery life lasted for 5 hours. Woo. At the time I was commuting to Cambridge and it was a 3 hour trip each way, the guy in the shop didn't seem to get it when I laughed and said that wouldn't do. But now my commute is only about 2 hours each way so 5 hour battery life might be ok. Still would mean recharging everynight, but that's better than having to swap batteries during the day. I have got a walkman, but pretty much every tape I have is about 5 or more years old - which means that it's not quite what I listen to now, so I'd have to do lots and lots and lots of tapes of stuff, which is tedious - whereas I'd only have to do a few mix CDs if I bought a CD player, I could just listen to the CDs we already have other than that. I dunno, I'll have to look next w/e and see what the prices are like.

Gonna have to go to the shop soon, so I'd better stop typing then we can get on with stuff. Buying food and Easter Eggs :)
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