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Got a new calendar for bin collection through yesterday ... which wouldn't be worth noting except that between last year & this year they've changed what they will collect in one of the bins. It used to be strictly garden waste & no no NO vegetable peelings or other household compostable stuff. But now it does include household compostables. Which is cool - though I've yet to work out the logistics of it, it's fine in summer nipping out to the outside bin with the rubbish once or twice a day, but I'm going to be distinctly less keen in the winter. I'll think of something, probably involving 2 kitchen bins.

New iAUDIO remote arrived this morning, and it all works. Yay! To briefly explain - our iAUDIO had died several months ago & we'd not decided what to do, we didn't want to just buy a new remote in case that wasn't the problem as if it wasn't then we'd've wasted the money because we didn't decide until a week or two ago that we would definitely buy a new iAUDIO with J's bonus money. (We were also considering an iPod (to have rockbox on) or something totally different.) But given the remotes are all interchangeable between the models, and the newer models don't ship with remotes as standard (they have screens on the units so don't need remotes), we figured we'd get a remote first & see if it worked. And it does! Yay! Of course it may be that our unit is burning out remotes, or it may be a temporary thing, but then we'll just get a new iAUDIO so we don't lose anything really.
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