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A sudden burst of activity yesterday afternoon/evening and I have a re-vamped website (edit: fixed link, which didn't point to my website originally ;) ), with different content (less, but more relevant to stuff I do now) and new colours. And a slight change to the layout, which was originally accidental, but I decided I liked it (though J had to help me fix the CSS to get it to display right in firefox - I do need to remember that konqueror does things as it sees fit, not as the rest of the world does them). And the html even validates. I've not look at it in IE - there's at least one thing it won't render properly (the navbar, which wasn't changed in the re-vamp, it fails gracefully in IE) but hopefully the rest will be OK. I'll have to reboot and check at some point.

As a direct result there's also new colours for my LJ, and a new default icon (which I uploaded ages ago but didn't use). That was actually harder than doing my website as I had to first generate the stylesheet using the 'customise' options, then go through the generated CSS and make it look how I wanted ... very tedious. The comments pages still need a little bit of work, and there's a couple of the borders to boxes that aren't quite the right colour (brown borders on blue boxes), but it's mostly there.

I think today (once I've done chores & gone into town) I'm going to do another blitz at my log analysis script - the webpages it generates need some tweaking to make them validate (mostly giving them an appropriate DOCTYPE declaration), and some way of navigating back to the front page from the player pages would be good. And I should add some more stats, not sure which ones yet.

Then I should really start working on the report for Epic 4 (I finished the game earlier in the week), and start playing Epic 5 (as that's due only a week after Epic4). Though I think Epic5 should be faster - it's a small over-crowded map, and the difficulty is quite high (though anything looks easy after the Deity level Epic 4!).

In other news, the lawnmower died last night while J was cutting the grass, so our lawn looks like the pointy-haired boss. Which is a bit of a shame, as it means we're lawnmower shopping on Saturday, oh what fun! Still, it lasted about 4 years before the motor tried to burn its way out of the plastic casing ;)

And in still other news my legs have been aching the last few days - I'm hoping it's just from sitting on the floor too much at marble's do on Saturday, as that means it should go away soon. But it's been bad enough that I've taken painkillers the last couple of evenings, so I hope it hurries up and goes.
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