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Friday was payday, and bonus day, so I went to pay money into savings and spend some of it ;) We bought Carcassonne & Seafarers of Catan ... played Carcassonne Fri night, it was fun, and it's nice to have a game that's playable with just the two of us. We'll likely have Ed over sometime soon for testing out of Seafarers :)

Mostly a quiet weekend. Went to the tip Sat afternoon to get rid of the dead lawnmower & our stunning collection of empty bottles ... then to Focus to replace the lawnmower (got a hovermower thingy), I don't like shopping for that sort of thing - it's like you ought to have a new toy at the end, but it's just so not.

Having done the boring bits we watched the football for the rest of the afternoon (less said about that the better), then Doctor Who (wheeeeeeeeee! good episode) and then off into town for drinks for sagima's birthday. Mannings was surprisingly not full of drunken football fans (there were a few, but they weren't very loud) so it was a pleasant evening :)

Sunday lunch was roast duck - it's not quite the weather for slaving away over a hot stove, but the result was worth it :) And spent most of the afternoon (after the obligatory testing of the lawnmower) doing family tree stuff - we were mostly looking at J's great-grandfather, and we do have quite a bit of info on him :)

Oh, and there was much Quake4 - freezetag with Paul & Pete, then later in the evening I was playing online (J was playing Xenon on an ST emulator) and being hopelessly outclassed by the majority of the other people on the server (there were at least three people on who I would expect to see just win without trying against most of the rest of us, then the normal set of people-who-can-beat-me ...). Freezetag tonight, on jolt's Q4Max server, too :)

And it's warm and sunny, and that always makes me cheerful :)
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