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Had a rather eventful couple of days. Tuesday J took the day off work so we could go to the seaside :) We had a lazy start to the morning and finally got headed out into the blazing sunshine about 11:30. As we got to the side street where we'd parked the car there were firemen closing the road off & a fire engine half way up the street about where the car was parked ... so J asked the guys with the cones if we'd be able to get the car out, and they asked which car. When we pointed it out they said 'Oh, that's the one', which isn't exactly good news to hear! Turns out that parking on a hill with the petrol tank at the lower end, then leaving the car in the sun on a hot day with a full tank of petrol can lead to petrol leaking out the petrol tank cap. The firemen had been called out because having a pool of petrol on the road in that heat was an accident waiting to happen. Apparently it happens all the time in the summer.

Once we got the car on the level it was OK again, just stank of petrol, and we headed off to the beach feeling slightly disconcerted. But we had a nice afternoon in Aldeburgh - fish & chips for lunch, which we ate while watching the sea. Then we went for a walk along the sea edge - I wish it was a sandy beach, getting pebbles in one's shoes gets old & tired rather quick. Still a nice walk though. And then wandered back down the main shopping street eating ice cream. After we came home we headed off to the Dove for a couple of pints, sitting outside talking about family tree stuff.

Yesterday started normally for a Wednesday, but as the washing machine spun up to full speed on the first load of washing it started sounding like someone was drilling through a wall. Never a good sign - as it had nearly finished I stopped it & called out a repair man. Thankfully he could fit us in that afternoon, so I started to clear stuff out of the way so he'd be able to get access to the washing machine. Had to get J to work from home for the afternoon - the tumble dryer lives on top of the washing machine & needed moving, but I couldn't do it myself. The repair man said when I spoke to him on the phone that it sounded like the drum bearings had gone, but once he looked at it it turned out to be simpler than that, something out of place that was catching on the drum. So no parts needed & fixed in 15 minutes, so he just charged us the call out fee (£25). Which was a great relief.

So not disaster, but disconcerting & flung the whole day out. The other thing I was doing for most of the day was going through Jolt Q4 TDM league logs sorting the games out to do stats on - which also occasioned feelings of doom & gloom, as I found 2 chunky holes in the script. Fixed now though & by the end of the evening I'd sorted out week 1 & most of week 2 (only 7 weeks total, week 6 has just been played), hopefully get that sorted out & some sample output done before the end of the weekend - actually running the stats won't take long, but I need to know exactly how it's to be presented first.

Hopefully today will have fewer near disasters. I'd quite like a nice quiet day ;)
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