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Spent a largish chunk of last week sorting & parsing logs for the Jolt TDM league - the stats are now up on Jolt's site, which I'm inordinately pleased about :)

This did, unfortunately, mean I didn't have time to play the current RB epic ... which is a shame, as I thought the scenario looked quite interesting (can't research fishing or steam power). But I get to read all the other reports anyway :)

So if the week was characterised by geekery, the weekend was characterised by alcohol ;) Went out to Furry on Friday night, for the first time since May - we missed the June one as we were at the PRR gig in Hertford. It was fun, though rather quiet to start off with, town seemed pretty dead.

Gareth & Shital visited for the rest of the weekend, bringing quite a prodigious amount of booze with them on Saturday afternoon ;) We mostly ate, drank, played Carcassonne and caught up with them as we'd not seen Shital for 4 years and only seen Gareth twice in that time. Oh, and gave the cat the adoration he felt he deserved ;)

It was a fun weekend, but I'm a bit wiped out now - having had the majority of the drink that was drunk ("We hates you, we hates you alllll") ;) Nice quiet week of housework & geekery & quake & family tree stuff will cure that though :)
Tags: computer, furry, games, guests, perl, quake, social
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