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26 July 2006 @ 09:18 am
I cut back a lot on computer use last week - by Tuesday evening using the mouse sent shooting pains up my arm & even when I wasn't it was all tingly from the elbow down. So I figured it was time to back off a bit ;) So no Quake till Sunday, no Civ since last Monday, not even very much poking at websites (though my standards of not very much are likely a little more than the words convey ;) ). It got better after a couple of days but I figured I'd not push it too much for another few days. And I do notice that that arm gets tired when I'm typing a lot more quickly.

So, what have I done? Mostly read my way through David Weber's Honor Harrington series - I think it's the first time I've read them in order & the first time I've read some of the books as I had to buy e-books of them. When I'm done (another book & a half to go) I'll likely write up a review. Well, probably.

Also done a lot of family history stuff - we've had a family album from J's great-grandad in the house for ages and finally got round to scanning the pictures at the weekend. It's weird looking at the photos - they all just look like 'old people', except some of them are kids in the pictures … it's just the style of the clothing and that they're (obviously) black & white pictures.

Took advantage of shineyquarter's offer & got myself a Vox account. Not sure about it - I don't like the restrictions on how it can look (you can't customise the template layouts at all, if the style you want is not in the colours you want, tough), I don't much like the linear comments, and I think the multi-security levels have more of a potential for summoning the drama llama than the LJ friends system. But I do like the 'collections' stuff, and the ability to easily add books/music/whatnot & integrate them into posts. Can't really tell how I'll get on with it till I use it, so I may try & put book reviews in it, you never know ;)
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