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Still not sleeping well, which sucks - I'm guessing it's because our house stays too hot overnight and as we live on a main road it's too noisy to leave the bedroom windows open while we're trying to sleep. Still, I prefer the heat in the daytimes, so I shan't complain too much ;)

I was remembering yesterday that last year I'd noticed very few women wearing shorts - there're more this year though. Partly because 'shorts' are in (in quotes because I don't really count kneelength as shorts, personally), but I think it's also partly coz it's warmer :) I was noticing this mostly because I did a bit of clothes shopping earlier in the week, and I'd quite like to have got some new shorts (both pairs I wear are several years old), but everything I could find was too long. Or white & not denim (which restricts one's underwear choices unnecessarily, I think).

I did have success with the rest of the shopping - a dress to wear to Daz & Emily's wedding. I tried on umpteen, but most were either cut really weird or colours that made me look washed out, even with the tan I currently have. I do quite like the bright colours that are around, but you do have to be several shades darker than this white girl can manage to properly carry them off ;) I tried the dress I bought on again when I got it home, and I've a few more doubts than in the shop, but it'll do. There's mostly something about the neckline I'm not sure of, but I don't think I've bought a dress in years that I liked the neckline of.
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