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Most of Saturday was spent looking at family tree stuff - we did the last set of searches on Pattersons (males) and ordered a few more certificates - death certificate for J's great-great-great-great-grandfather, birth certificate for girl that's only listed in the census returns as his grand-daughter & we'd like to know whose daughter she is, birth certificate for one of J's great-great-great-grandfather's siblings to get his mother's maiden name (the chap in the direct line was born before 1837 when there was no central registration of births) and a couple of other things. We also transcribed a bunch of records & tracked down some more :)

In the evening we went out for drinks at The Dove with Andrew & Justin. I had a bit of a shoe disaster on the way there - the sole of one of my sandals detached from the insole, it had happened once before but I'd glued it back together, obviously rather less than successfully. This meant I spent all evening barefoot - might as well've worn the flip-flops I'd been wearing all day, it'd've been more comfortable ;) Still, a pleasant evening, nice company & good beers :)

Sunday was mostly spent feeling somewhat overtired, and a little hungover (some of us are adult enough to admit this ;) ), but we still captioned the photos we'd scanned from the old photo album. That was about all the 'useful' stuff we got done, though - the rest of the afternoon & evening was spent playing Quake 4 :)

Skipping over the evening's bad news & moving on to yesterday - I mostly did housework & shopping of the boring sort. Getting my sandal professionally fixed in the process - for about a tenth of the cost of new sandals, so that's all good. In the evening we played more Quake4 - the new patch (1.3) finally came out, so we were looking at the new maps & the new weapon & seeing what the changed stuff was like :) I definitely approve of the new weapon - it's a napalm gun! Eat firey death!! :D *coff* I've seen better players complain that it's overpowered, and this may well be the case - I'm inept enough to not find this an issue ;) - but it's definitely cool.
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