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I hate writing catchup entries, they always seem to descend into lists of 'then I did this, then I did that' which is ultimately rather dull for everyone. Hence why this one hasn't happened in a timely fashion ;)

Last weekend was 6 days, 700 miles, 1 wedding, 1 funeral, several friends seen and almost all of J's family visited.

It was only supposed to be a 4 day weekend, but plans changed at the last minute - so sorry to sagima who ended up feeding the cat for rather longer than anticipated.

The 700 miles was rather tedious - Ips -> Macclesfield, Macclesfield -> Blanchland, Blanchland -> Ips. I was thoroughly sick of sitting in the car by the end of Tuesday, at least the middle journey included a nice long bit of pleasant scenery & small roads with little traffic :)

The wedding was fluffyarmadillo & haggis, and was rather fine. Congrats to Daz & Emily :) The venue was a hall in a park in Mancester somewhere, and while some bits of the outside had seen better days the inside was very nicely decorated - I particularly liked the library which had a cool ceiling.

The funeral, rather obviously, was J's gran's. It was funeral-like, in that they're inevitably rather more distressing than one expects, compounded in this case by the 45 minute drive following the hearse to the crematorium. The vicar was good, he had a knack for saying the right things in the right way.

The friends we saw at the wedding, the guests included several spods, including one I think I'd never met before & one I'd only met once about 10 years ago... Unfortunately I wasn't feeling at my most social, but that's the way it goes.

We stayed with Jo & Chris for the first bit of the weekend - which did include a whole day not travelling and not out at a social event, so we managed to catch-up and drink copious quantities of beer ;) And then for the latter part of the weekend we all headed off to J's parents' place. The rest of J's mother's family were (obviously) at the funeral, and his mother's cousin came back to the house afterwards, which was nice.

Most of the days since (ie the whole week & weekend) have been spent feeling rather too tired and not quite with it enough to be properly productive. The excitement of the week was a cat accident :/ Toby came in on Weds afternoon with a cut on his nose & blood round his nostrils. His nose then proceeded to swell up. We think he possibly ran head first into something & had a nosebleed :/ But he's doing a lot better now, and running round the house like the crack-kitty he is - we've been keeping him in since Weds so that we can keep an eye on how his nose is healing, but I think he's almost well enough to go out (just have to see if he's still sneezing today).

So there's the list of 'what I did in the last week or 2' ... I'm hoping to get more stuff done this week & get (maybe, just maybe) some early nights to catch up on that sleep I'm clearly missing ;)
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