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The cat got to go out again on Weds for the first time since he injured himself ... off & away immediately, and out all day except for twice coming in & going out again instantly. I think he likes to check he still can ;) He promptly knocked the scab off his nose, but it'd healed up underneath so that's OK. Hopefully the fur will grow back on the bald bit, but as it's on a white bit it won't be that noticeable anyway.

The washing machine has started being tempermental :/ It decided on Wednesday that it wasn't going to spin - it'd do the first two trial spins that settle the load, but then when it was supposed to actually spin it just went at about 60rpm rather than 1000. But then yesterday I tested it again before calling out the repairman & it worked perfectly. And behaved itself all day. Which is nice, as it means no bill, but intermittent faults are the worst sort ...

It's kinda bad news when you're theoretically reading a book but manage to paint your nails, have a conversation, google the author (twice, I got distracted by something else online first time) and pay enough attention to the film on the telly to recognise the lead actor at the same time. I think the problem is mostly that one of the point-of-view characters in "Zootsuit Black" by Jon George is supposed to be some sort of biologist, and it just doesn't ring true enough ... a reasonably idiosyncratic problem I guess, most people who aren't or haven't been biologists wouldn't notice. Although I also don't much care for the trick of describing someone's appearance by having them study their reflection (in this case in a monitor), I mean I don't think I look like your stereotypical scientist but I didn't go round the lab looking at my reflection and musing on how non-stereotypical I looked. But if I'd been a bit more engrossed in the story then I think I'd've let that pass ;) I'll likely finish the book, unless it gets worse, but I'm not expecting great things now ...
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