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./~ Tell me why I don't like Mondays ./~

Somewhat inappropriate song, but appropriate line. Getting up this morning sucked, big time. And then I got my breakfast at the station and instead of giving me the bacon and tomato roll I asked for she gave me an omelette and tomato roll, which wasn't heated (I asked for it not to be as I was in a hurry, and it'd've been ok if it'd've been bacon). And I didn't notice till I bit into it on the train *blech* Warm omelette is quite nice, but not when it's cold and not when you expect it to be bacon.

So, enough whinging. Actually set up an experiment today which was cool - but I won't find out if it's worked till tomorrow. Went to some talks in the afternoon which were part of a symposium on computation biology, which is sort of something I'd like to get into. But these talks were a bit to in depth - I coulda done with 'an introduction to computational biology' whereas this was talks for computational biologists. Second talk was quite interesting though - analysis of the results one gets from DNA microarrays, and clustering methods. Though the guy giving the talk didn't seem to know all that he should - one method was 'K means' where you picked a number of groups it should cluster into and the program brute-forced the data into that many groups. The obvious question is 'how do you pick the number of groups?' ... and someone asked that after the talk but the speaker just wittered a bit then went off on a tangent without saying anything more interesting than 'there are methods' ... well duh!

Decided at the last minute not to go to the gym coz I felt tired and bleh. Of course, now I think I shoulda just gone anyway. Whatever, I'll start going again after Easter and hope the holidays give me a chance to recharge my batteries somewhat.

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