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It was a good weekend - though quite a lazy one. Friday night was Furry (and thus the cause of most of the laziness) and Saturday we were barely up for 12 hours. We did manage to do some gardening - J weeded the gravel in the front garden & I chopped back most of the leylandii at the back. There's still quite a bit of leylandii to chop & the forsythia & the two catoniasters. But still, some gardening was done which is better than none ;)

Sunday I ordered all my new computer bits - Athlon 64 4600+ dualcore CPU, MSI K9N Platinum motherboard, 2Gb RAM, Leadtek Extreme GeForce 7600GT, 160Gb SATA drive & a new, more heavyduty PSU. Graphics card arrives today, but the rest doesn't arrive till Friday (I'm out for too much of Weds or Thurs to risk having it delivered then). So I know what I'm doing this bank holiday weekend while J's out at his karate course ... installing everything, and probably playing some games just to see how fast it goes ;)

And yesterday was a normal Monday, I can't actually remember anything worth noting - did chores, read book, bought groceries, played Quake4 ... normal stuff, really.
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