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I managed to burn dinner last night. I think that's the first time I've ever managed to screw up a meal so badly I had to go out & buy takeaway to eat instead :/ It was a new recipe - and when it said "cook for 1 hr 10 minutes or until beef is tender" I didn't expect it to be charred & crispy after 50 minutes. Still, the rice was nice (fancy rice, with potatoes & cumin seeds, also a new recipe) so we had that and the naan breads with Chicken Tikka Balti from the Masha down the road. I shall have to try the beef dish again, as it tasted nice (we chewed on a few of the less burnt bits, nicely flavoured, but a bit like curried strips of leather).

The cat apparently also liked it - he was in the dish before I binned it last night & he also found the bit that missed the bin this morning and was chewing on that. If he has an upset stomach later, it's All His Fault!

I also felt slightly shifty about burning dinner as we'd spent the afternoon in the pub, and how cliched is that? But it genuinely didn't have anything to do with the alcohol, as I'd sobered up before I started cooking (and I actually cook pretty well when trashed, as anyone who's spent new year at mine & J's would know ;) ). I had some Adnam's Regatta and Oscar Wilde Mild, J had Adnam's Barley Mow and a pint of Guinness. And we talked of games, how we're not likely to buy a PS3 when they first come out (first PS we're not getting straight off, but there really isn't any incentive to do so), and life in general.

Somewhere on my to-do list is writing up the beer festival trip for my birthday - 7 of us, and we only missed out half a dozen or so beers that were still on. But I cba to find my leaflet where I wrote it all down now, so you'll have to wait :)
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