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Tiredtiredtired. Likely because we got up at 7:30am yesterday & that's just wrong for a Sunday. J had karate at 9:30 tho, so we had to (well, technically I didn't have to, but I'd've been awake from 7:30 anyway, so I figured I might as well get up).

I think the only time I wasn't playing computer games yesterday was when I was cooking lunch. Some civ in the afternoon - I'm up to Monarch level in my own games now, though I don't do much but faff at it & lose. I'll get there though. Then Quake4 with friends in the early evening, and later on on Jolt's servers. Quake 4 has helpfully wiped my entire friends list between the first session of the day & the second :/ I'd just got it all sorted out since my reinstall, too ... have to start again now. Little Miss Obnoxious was on later, too ... all she ever seems to do is call votes for maps not in the map cycle that no-one wants to play, whine when she loses the votes, and lose games ungraciously. So all in all I was slightly cranky about quake by the end of the evening ;)
Tags: civ, computer, games, quake
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