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I had been going to burble in a vaguely pleased fashion about having worked out how to organise the hardcopy data for the family history stuff we're doing (A4 sheets in polypockets with useful info organised at-a-glance, with certificates in same polypocket where relevant). But then we had a bad-tech evening, and somewhat of a bad-tech morning. Oh, and bad-food morning.

So instead, you get cranky witterings about how annoying it all was.

The bad-tech evening was amarok's fault (our music player), we upgraded it about a week ago, and just noticed yesterday that as it was adding new stuff to the database it was getting two copies of things (2 links to the same info, not a duplication of the info). Sorting that out eventually involved reverting to the previous version of amarok & the backups we'd made before upgrading … after several hours of faffing at the database trying to work out what the hell was going on.

So J finished the evening by reading his book & I played quake, but sucked.

This morning's bad-tech was switching video drivers to the non-nvidia binary ones (there's a root exploit in the current nvidia drivers, and it'd be a shame to get 0wned by a website, really). And all fine & dandy on J's machine, but it's truely fucked up the fonts on mine - and I can't seem to get them sensibly sorted out. I think most of the stuff that's left is down to the gtk settings, which I dunno how to access via KDE and I'm not sure I can be arsed. The problem is that everything's displaying absolutely huge - my normal 10pt fonts are looking like I expect 14-16pt to look, so I've dropped stuff down, but not everything wants to pay attention to the global settings. Bah!

And the bad-food? I discovered while making J's second sandwich that there was mould on the bread - the first sandwich was now uncheckable (pickle covers everything …) and as J's (understandably) rather fussy about such things I had to just bin it & he'll get sandwiches from the canteen at work today. I'd also already eaten my toast, so I guess at worst the mould spots were small ;)

So all in all, I'm cranky now.
Tags: computer, family history, food
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