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12 April 2001 @ 11:57 pm
I was gonna update earlier this evening and write lots and stuff and review books etc. But J bought me Black & White so I played that instead *beam* It's a good game, though at first I found the control system really frustrating. I seem to have issues with games that make you move the mouse up when you wanna look/move down etc ... but I'll get the hang of it, and so far at least I've not had to do anything so fast that I can't orient myself, not like a flight sim (which is the sort of game that this issue really screws me up for).

Other stuff - I worked at home today, and went through my whole Introduction making the sentences make more sense. I'm leaving it a while before I type it up in the hopes that I'll notice any further problems while I'm typing. Hopefully!

I read a book online about dieting, called 'The Hacker's Diet'. And downloaded the weight recording tools for my palm. I'm gonna try watching my weight, and not snacking and then hopefully I can see if that's actually having an effect, or if I need to cut down more. The actual diet that the book recommends is a calorie counting one (it's quite a good book, btw, it's all well explained) ... I don't think I'll bother with that, but the weight watching tools look useful. Basically it calculates a trend from your daily weight (a smoothed weighted average) and then you look at that for an indication of progress rather than your actual weight - as most of the body is water then small variations in water content can have what look like big effects on weight, but if you look at the trend this smooths out those variations. The book's also got an exercise program for regaining fitness, which I'm gonna try too ... the exercises only take 15 minutes a day but it's supposed to gradually increase till you're really quite fit. I think it's all aimed at people carrying quite a lot more excess weight than me - I only wanna lose a stone and a half at the most (a stone is 14 pounds, explanation for the americans ;) ).

Hmm - looks like I've said a fair amount even though this was supposed to be a brief entry and not a rambling thing like it's turned into.

Looking forward to playing Black & White some more tomorrow :)
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Margaretpling on April 13th, 2001 04:45 am (UTC)
It's purely the 'reversal' of direction that bugs me about the control system - I'll probably get the hang of it if I stick to it ;)
ex_ciannait on April 12th, 2001 06:34 pm (UTC)
I use the keyboard control system within the game, because the mouse controls irritated me so much.

This is the only game where I've had to read the manual in order to figure everything out.
Margaretpling on April 13th, 2001 04:48 am (UTC)
I may end up giving in and using the keyboard - depends if it also reverses direction.

I'd read your posts about it, so I was prepared to be flicking through the manual which was good, coz I needed to (one the tutorial things from that bear didn't bother to say I had to double click when I had my creature on a leash *grr*) I also ran across that bug you did where Sable the Creature Trainer stopped interacting :(