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Spent a fair amount of time over the last couple of days working on my log analysis script for X-battle logs. I'd got new logs from kleeks a little while ago when the new X-battle was released & altered the script to work with them too. I'd also, finally, managed to get it working with the ^+ and ^- colour codes in names etc. So now the only thing with names that's not done is putting in symbols - this is partly laziness (I'd have to find image files for all the symbols) and partly because if the symbols are fixed size (as they will be) it makes a bit of a mockery of being able to change the font size. And I'd added a table showing items picked up & a couple of related awards for the main page table (and now I come to think of it I should have them on the personal pages.

What I was working on over the last couple of days was adding damage dealt/received to the killers & victims table - I added it all on Tuesday, but it was broken and I couldn't work out why. So eventually I stopped and came back to it yesterday afternoon having worked out how to narrow it down to which bit of code. I did eventually get it sorted, but I still can't tell why my original regexp didn't work, and what the hell was different between the lines that matched and the lines that didn't. Doesn't really matter, it does work now :)

It still needs more work before I put the output for this version up online - I'm tweaking the way I display suicides & world kills, and also putting damage dealt/from each weapon in the weapons table. But those should be straight forward to do.
Tags: computer, perl, quake 4
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