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27 October 2006 @ 09:41 am
Finished off the bits of my stats script that I'd intended for this version & put it up online. I think I'm abandoning this project for now, though. No-one's really playing X-battle as they kinda dropped the ball a bit with their release for 1.3 being so delayed, and so it would've had to be really special for people to switch away from Q4Max. So there's not much 'use' for the script. I've not been wasting my time though - I've learnt a lot & it did get used for something 'real', which is more than most people's first projects I guess ;) But the stuff that's left (lots) isn't really a technical challenge - I know how to do it, it'd just take time to do. And I cba to take that time on something that's not of use.

So, I'm coding project-less at the moment, though I've an idea for something admin-only for SP that would mean learning how to do cgi scripts. We'll see.

I also bought slippers yesterday, as I've totally lost the pair I've had for the last 10 years or so. I'll find them now I've bought some I guess ;) The box they came in is far too small for the cat to sit in, but he's still sitting in it from time to time - we took some photos, but they're still on the camera so I'll have to share them some other time ;)
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Current Music: System of a Down "Toxicity"