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Nice quiet weekend. Well, except for having to go to the dentists on Sat morning - just for a check up, but that seems inevitably to lead to fillings for me. Last couple of times were very minor ones (on the same tooth I think), but this time it was major enough to need a second appointment (different tooth, too). So beginning of December I've got a far too early appointment to have a filling done.

After that we pottered round town briefly & J failed totally to buy any CDs, then we had a coffee and came home. The plan, such as it was, was to have an afternoon doing not much, then head off to The Dove for a drink before coming home & cooking dinner. We got side-tracked, briefly, by having to move the car (petrol leaking again :/ J's taking it to the garage anyway soon to have a tire replaced, so he'll ask about that too).

We completely neglected to stop after one drink, or even 2 ... so about 9pm we wandered home via The Masha & got takeaway for dinner. And then played Quake4 all evening, which was entertaining, though possibly not for everyone else ;)

Sunday was therefore quieter. We had roast duck for lunch (I needed more duck fat for roast potatoes), and I now have a duck carcass to turn into stock :) And maybe a little bit of leftovers to put in the pasta sauce tonight. J mowed the grass, but I just sat & read a book until it was time for more Quake later in the afternoon - we only got three of us together, but did mange some games this week :) Watched Torchwood at the end of the evening - both of us really liked this episode.
Tags: beer, car, computer, food, games, health, quake, torchwood, tv
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