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Yesterday's excitement was finding a rabbit in the garden. Not a wild one, which would've just elicited a "wtf?" given how urban our surroundings are, but a large white & black domesticated pet rabbit. I just glanced out the window & there it was, sitting on the lawn, eating away, watched by the cat. J remembered that our neighbours have a rabbit, so I went & peered over their fence & saw the hutch with the door open ... and then spotted the great tunnel it had dug under the fence. I had to bribe the cat to come in with some food as he was looking too speculatively at the rabbit as it hopped about the garden. And I went & chased away a neighbour's cat later. Thankfully by the time our neighbours came home it'd got itself back into their garden (having taken a small tour of the gardens roundabout - another of our neighbours was keeping her rottweiler in for the afternoon in case it decided dinner would be of the mobile variety). Hopefully they're keeping the hutch door latched now ;)

Other than that, a fairly normal day ... bit of shopping, bit of housework, bit of quake.
Tags: excitement, house, pets
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