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Yesterday was the first day for ages where we spent most of it with just our own company, which was rather nice :) I did enjoy Christmas, but now I'm somewhat socialed out.

We spent Christmas itself with J's family - Jo and Chris were our hosts this year ... even the dog came along (and discovered that laminate floors don't work well if you're trying to run somewhere ;) ). As might've been predicted we had too much alcohol & too much food ... a good Christmas :)

Then we were off to Oxford to see my folks for a couple of days. Oh and to fix their computer - well, not quite, it was just Norton being difficult to update. A nice UI would've had the "activate product" button somewhere visible when it's telling you it's not activated, rather than hidden away where you need the help files to find it. And a nice help system wouldn't have two articles about each thing, only one of which matched the UI one was actually presented with. But we sorted it out in the end.

Then, to my uncle & aunt's house near Kings Lynn to see my Grandma, who was visiting them for Christmas. Despite the rather long drive, it was a nice lunch & nice to see Grandma. My parents came back to Ipswich that night, as it was a lot easier than going back to Oxford, and we went out to Zizzi's for some nice Italian food.

They left just after breakfast, and we spent rather a lot of the rest of the day playing Guitar Hero (which I gave J for Christmas). We'd played a lot while we were at Jo & Chris's, with J & Chris between them getting halfway through Hard (from starting with Easy) and me & Jo between us getting halfway through Medium (we didn't spend as long playing, and anyway, we drank more while we were playing ;) ). But J & I started again yesterday - we skipped Easy and went straight into Medium & completed the game on that (J did the last 5 tracks, I was playing a bit of Quake4). It's a good game :)

We also went & got our cat back - the cattery people loved him, and he seems nice & happy, so we'll likely use that cattery again. It's also nice & convienently on the way out of Ipswich wherever we're driving to.

Today's likely more of the same, with hopefully a bit more Quake (it's Sunday after all) :)
Tags: cat, christmas, family, games, guitar hero, quake 4, social, trips
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