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We had a quiet New Year's Eve - stayed in & had some wine while watching Jools on the telly. And watched fireworks from the spare room window :) It was nice to be quiet, after a busy Christmas.

Given we ended up staying up till ~3am (goggling at some programme about annoying celebrities) we were late up on New Year's Day, waking up just minutes before my father rang to wish us a happy new year. I was amused, he was less so - he'd figured 11am was late enough ;) I made a roast for dinner - once again having failed to get a turkey (we had a pseudo-xmas dinner before xmas too, where I failed to get a turkey). I should've looked in the frozen section, but never remember that till after I've left the shops. Duck was nice, tho :)

Most of the last couple of days has been taken up with computer games - quite a lot of Guitar Hero and even more Quake4. I've hit my limits on GH for now - I can't do the hard ones at all, so I've been going back over the medium ones getting the scores better (4 star reviews on most now, 5 on some :) ), while J carries on with the hard ones. And while J's been watching telly (mostly BSG Season 2, but some film the other night too) I've been playing Quake4 ...

It's back to the normal routine now, though. We're changing things round a bit - getting up half an hour earlier (which is when we were supposed to be getting up, it just never happened), and I'm hoping to be more efficient with the chores, which should let me start ramping up the level of tidiness rather than keeping it static. (Someday, maybe, I'll get the bookshelves sorted out!)
Tags: computer, cooking, games, guitar hero, house, quake
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