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I managed to cook something for dinner last night that was nearly too hot for us to eat ... I'd forgotten that the Thai cookery book I have doesn't tone things down for the Westerners as much as my other cookery books. Next time I shall remember to de-seed at least one of the chillis ;)

Managed to get caught up with quite a lot of the housework, so I'll be back into the proper routines by next week (there's still a couple of outstanding things to do today). The only thing I forgot to do was find out how long in advance I have to order Euros from the bank, I suspect I can just walk in and get some, but it'd be wise to check that in advance ;) Oh, and I didn't do anything about finding out about the E111 replacement stuff. But that all has to wait till Monday now, as that's when I'll next be in town.
Tags: cooking, house
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