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Yesterday was a nice lazy day, filled with computer games & bookreading, and not much else. J managed to nail another track in Guitar Hero (Ace of Spades, on hard) and I've moved up to working my way through the hard tracks trying to improve their scores ... maybe I'll catch back up with J at some point (unlikely, he'll finish the game first)! And obviously I spent a large chunk of the evening playing Quake 4. Little Miss Obnoxious was on the server again for a while - I'd forgotten a) how annoying she can be and b) how quickly she can unite a whole server against her. Even The Guy Who Never Speaks was insulting her (and he's got some good lines in insults, too) ... mostly coz she was specifically picking on him, coz he was winning. She was trying to say last night that most of what she says is a joke. Problem is a) jokes should be funny, not whiny and b) even a funny joke would get stale if repeated as often as she repeats her little "it's all ping" comments ... still, despite that, some fun games and I even did reasonably well in some of them :D

My current book is one of my Christmas books ... I got 7 books for Christmas, plus a decent chunk of book-token, so I'm all set for a while. This is one of the improving books (as opposed to the sff books) - a biography of Charles II. I've also got a biography of Cromwell to go with it.
Tags: books, computer, games, guitar hero, quake 4

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