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We had roast beef for lunch yesterday - with lots of veg ... I had some stuff in the fridge that I'd been going to make soup with, but never got round to, and it's sprout season too, so we had roast & mashed potatoes, mashed turnip, boiled carrots, sprouts & peas and roast parsnip. All very nice :) Even if I did run out of hob space & have to microwave the gravy (it's just packet stuff & it tends to get lumpy done in the microwave).

That's probably the only bit of yesterday that was at all interesting. Other than that, I played lots of quake 4. Some freezetag with Gribble & J (no-one else was around, even those who'd said they would be) and FFA on jolt's servers later. And that was about it.
Tags: computer, cooking, games, quake 4
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