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I seem to be coming down with a slight cold. Which is rather annoying, but hopefully it'll stay in the slight category & this'll be the worst of it.

I did some family history stuff yesterday afternoon for the first time in a while. I'm still going through creating record sheets for each person & filing the certificates we have (and hardcopies of the census data) with the sheets. Organisation is a Good Thing. One of the things going on the record sheets is a note of which pages in our notebook the person is mentioned on and as I'm going through that it's highlighting that I really should've started doing this earlier in the proceedings - there's more than once that we've done the same searches over & over, but because they were inconclusive we'd forget & not have an easy way to look up what we'd done with this person before to find out we were repeating ourselves. Still, in my experience this is the way project organisation always works - you don't know how you need to record/cross reference things until you've done enough for the patterns & necessities to emerge.
Tags: family history, health
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