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Thanks to everyone for the comments on my most recent post.

Tuesday was my Grandad's funeral, we travelled up to Perth in two stages to make the journey less overwhelming. So we stayed with J's parents on Sunday night, and then did the second bit of the trip on Monday arriving in Perth around tea-time. We went to visit my Grandma briefly on Monday evening, before having dinner - she seemed shocked (as one would expect), but not as bad as I'd feared. The funeral itself went OK & quite a few people turned up, including my Godfather who got a taxi over from St. Andrews, and including some family I'd not met before (my father's cousins, I think, tho I may be missing a generation). We headed off after lunch and drove back down to J's folks that afternoon. Another overnight there, then back here yesterday. ~900 miles in 4 days, which has left both me & J rather fried ...

And now life is back to normal, for a week or two, before we head off to Holland for the Marillion Weekend.
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