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The great KDE experiment is over ... I was down to just a handful of KDE apps & at least one of them I didn't like and was just using coz it was there (Kopete sucks as an IM client, just for the record). And some of the Gnome programs I was using weren't entirely happy running over KDE. So I switched everything over to Gnome yesterday. After an initial hiccup (couldn't start Gnome from kdm, had to switch to gdm first) I've got everything sorted out. I'm only really using 2 KDE apps now - Kontact (I'll probably try Evolution if I can work out how to migrate everything successfully, but that doesn't have a feed reader so I'll need to find something for that, too) and an irc client (I'll probably find something else for that soon). And now Gourmet prints properly, which was the final straw that made me decide to switch over :)

It was astonishingly windy yesterday - I decided against going into town to finish the grocery shopping, and it was just as well coz bits of the town centre were closed off due to concerns about shop roofs. Various of the roads round the outside of Ipswich were shut, too - it took J more than an hour to get home from work due to all the traffic. My parents were travelling back from Scotland ... they rang at ~10pm to say they'd got back safe, though it had taken about twice as long as it should. 2 hours to go the first 20 miles, due to snow, then several bits of motorway closed (including 2 hours going round the outskirts of Manchester trying to get past the bits of the M6 & related roads that were shut). Glad they rang, I was beginning to get a bit worried.
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