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I tried out a new casserole recipe yesterday evening, which worked rather well. It was a bit plain though - if I can think of what to add I should add some spices next time. I guess to serve 4 you must be serving with more than just mash (or all have small appetites), as there's enough left for my lunch but that's not as much as a third serving equal to what we had at dinner time.

I also tried out Evolution over the weekend. It doesn't work the way I'd like it to for the task list bit (no way to set recurring tasks, no nested groups of tasks, and instead of colour coding what's due today/what's overdue/what's not due yet it was just categories that were coded). And I could consistently get it to crash in the calendar bit (probably something to do with having imported the data from Kontact) ... I should poke at that a bit & bug it, I guess. So I'm not looking for a feed reader, as I'm still using Kontact & that has one built in.

And I tried out xchat-gnome for an irc client, which was fine once I worked round the crashing problem when getting a channel list from the server, except it has something in the bottom left corner to tell one about lag that flickers about every 30s (doing something I know not what) and attracts my attention. I figured I could either reorganise the way all the windows on my desktop are so that that's covered up, or I could just use a different irc client. So I'm currently using KVIrc, which has an amusingly sarcastic dock icon (the tooltip for it says stuff like "Are ya sure your network's plugged in?" or "The silence is freaking me out!") when channels are idle.

One out of three isn't bad, I guess ;)

I also played a lot of Quake4, and some Guitar Hero. I'm back to the easy tracks on GH - trying to switch over to strumming up and down. Which totally & utterly flings out my timing. I don't really know why, but it really does. Once I get over that it'll make life easier in the harder tracks, tho, so worth plugging away at.
Tags: computer, cooking, desktop, games, guitar hero, ps2, quake 4, software
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