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It's got wintery, finally. I went into town yesterday afternoon looking round several shops hoping inspiration would strike for a birthday present for my father. In something like the fourth or fifth shop I inadvertently touched the metal side of the escalator ... and it was at that point that I realised the weather wasn't just cold, but was properly wintery! With a sharp *crack* all the static generated by my hair rubbing against the back of my coat in the dry air discharged itself through the escalator ... I think my current shoes are good insulators (though most shoes are). For the rest of the afternoon I made a point of touching something metal at regular intervals. Must've looked rather weird as I kept reaching out to touch the shelving in the shops & flinching. Still, better to have many small zaps than to save it up for one almighty shock when I got home ;)

And I didn't even find a present for my father. I shall ring Mum before Thurs & see if the one possibility I thought of would be OK.
Tags: hair, shopping, winter
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