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Something I did forget in my big catch up post from the last month is my glasses. I've had them for about 3 years, and when I was washing them the other day I noticed the bar that goes across my nose was kinda easy to bend (eek!). Breaking them would be a bit of a disaster but I didn't want to splash out on a new pair - so in the end I went to the opticians I got them from & got replacement frames, which worked out rather nicely. It's weird to have the new-glasses feel with glasses that look exactly the same as the previous set, though ;) It also cured the nagging headache I'd had for a week or so - as I'm astigmatic if the lenses have been twisted relative to my eyes they're not correcting my vision as well as they should so I think I was straining my eyes.

It was potentially disasterous as I don't have a spare pair of glasses. I'd decided not to get two pairs last time as I could always just wear my contacts if my glasses needed something doing to them. But at the moment I can't wear my contacts - I've got a cyst on my right eyelid, and the optician said it pushes the lens out of place (it's that astigmatism problem again, needs to be exactly right). And it also interferes with the tear production, so my eyes would dry out too quickly and make the lens uncomfortable (as well as not much use ;) ). So no contacts till after I've had an operation to remove the cyst (booked for 1 June).
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