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Last night we went out to a friend's 60th birthday party, which was rather fun :) He's someone who does karate with J, so the only other people I knew (even vaguely) there were karate people. But it didn't matter much as the main point of the do was that Trevor had got back together with the band he was in 40+ years ago & they were doing a show.

We got there a little after the invite time, which turned out to mean we'd missed the first bit of the band's first set, and they were actually really good. The stuff they were playing was all covers - of the obvious 60s things, really, but they did them well :) Next up were a newer band who were doing their first ever gig (and were friends of Trevor's son, I think), they did more covers - more rocky stuff this time, including a Hendrix song. In a small world moment it turned out that their bass player was a guy who'd worked with J when we first moved to Ipswich, so we had a bit of a chat to him during the food bit of the evening.

After food there was a guy did some country stuff - which was pretty much karaoke, as he had a backing tape & his guitar was just there as a prop for when he wasn't singing. I think he may've been quite good, but it wasn't really my sort of thing, and given everyone else so far had been good musicians he didn't really shine. Then Trevor's band did another set, where they tried to get people to dance - some of the older people did for a bit, but in some ways I think that put us younger people off, coz they could dance rather than just bob about ;)

All in all a fun evening, definitely a different way to spend a Saturday night & live music is always a good thing :)
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