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I actually managed to find a skirt with pockets! In BHS, of all places. I suspect the pockets are supposed to be decorative, but they are usable, so that's cool :) So today I'm wearing a blue denimy-effect skirt & my Opeth skinny (there's something about wearing a skirt that makes that t-shirt spring to mind - it's not quite such a brain-breaking outfit as the pink skirt + Opeth shirt though ;) ). I may go back & get another skirt (or two), as it came in three colours & three lengths (I've got the shortest one at the moment - it's knee length - the other two were mid-calf & ankle length). Whee! for new clothes :)

In other shopping news I picked up a copy of the Ipswich Evening Star in Sainsburys coz the front page was "A14 Terror: Trucker faced driver travelling wrong way for nearly TEN MILES" (the online story has a much less shock-horror headline). Doesn't really tell us much we didn't know - but it was apparently an elderly woman, and I think one can extrapolate from the lack of info that she wasn't driving under the influence (I'm assuming the police would've mentioned it). They even have an editorial snippet about it (calling for better signage, while admitting that thousands of motorists successfully get onto the A14 every day so it can't be that big a problem ;) ). I'm guessing that they only found out about it coz the trucker got in touch, though, coz it's been a week.
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