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04 May 2007 @ 10:10 am
Went and did our civic duty last night, and then went for a couple of pints - given the polling station is about a 30s walk from The Dove it'd be rude not to ;) I had Buffy's Polly's Folly (coz I liked the name) and Black Dog Mild (I forget the brewery), J had Everard Tiger (those who came to the pub with us for my birthday drinks last year might remember the beer mats we graffitied) and Otley CO2 (coz I liked the name). We headed back via one of the many Indian takeaways - unfortunately the one we picked went for the food-colouring-and-oil school of Indian takeaway cooking :/ And it was perhaps a little more spicy than we'd anticipated ;) But it was still quite nice and a nice treat :)

I spent some of the evening playing quake (with the added terror of being asked to merc for hotclan as they were short of people for a practice game - not entirely sure how serious they were, but it was OK coz psylee turned up just in time to save me from finding out ;) ), and some of that time setting up mIRC in windows & poking at it to see if it would do tricks (god it's such a windows program :/). I seem to have volunteered to help out with Jolt's TDM league - Oxi was beginning to sound desperate about getting enough game admins, and even asked me despite me saying I didn't know what I was doing ;) So I figured I'd do it. But that means I need irc in windows (my linux install of quake is only patched to 1.3 & the league games are all in 1.4.1), so hence mIRC. I also need to poke at the demo-making commands in quake at some point - I'll probably do that on Sunday at our normal freezetag games (don't think I need anything specific to the newer version of q4max), just to see how it works.

If we're playing on Sunday that is. We may have an unexpected visit from J's folks - they rang last night & were talking about visiting next weekend, but we're away in London seeing Maxïmo Park. So if they can get the dog booked in to kennels (can't bring him here, he'd try to eat the cat) they'll be here tomorrow, if they can't they'll come in two weeks time, but we won't know till this evening. Which is a little bit short notice as I'd just done all the food shopping, but I can augment stuff on Sat if I have to :)
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Margaretpling on May 4th, 2007 03:04 pm (UTC)
There're a few things in the version I've been using that didn't quite work for me with their irc stuff, but now there's a new version I shall try it out at some point :) Especially as it'd get round the shareware thing with mIRC/xchat ...

Trying a couple of command line ones first, coz that'd mean I could run it on a remote machine & keep my session across reboots.