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We had a rather nice weekend :) It was J's birthday on Sunday, so I spent Sat afternoon making him a chocolate cake - which turned out rather well, even if there was some sticking-together of broken bits with butter icing (need to grease the tins more, maybe?). Because that was my afternoon & then there was Doctor Who in the early evening it somehow felt like the whole day was taken up with Stuff (and mostly cooking) but that wasn't really the case - it was just that there wasn't a big chunk of time all in one run to get stuck into something else.

Sunday was mostly spent drinking, eating & playing Guitar Hero II (J's birthday pressie from me) & Q4. By J's request we had roast duck for lunch *mmm*, then after a bit of rocking out we headed off to The Dove for a couple of pints (I was rather surprised by that, actually, but I think J's Dad put the idea in his head). Then back to the house for some quake4 with the usual suspects - which carried on for longer than usual (and somehow involved an offy-run in the middle, alcohol was a definite theme of the day).

And surprisingly yesterday didn't involve hangovers. It did involve more Guitar Hero II & more quake, tho, but I'm guessing that doesn't surprise anyone ;) I like the co-op multiplayer mode in GHII :)

And now it's back to normality! Well, as normal as I ever get, anyway ;)
Tags: beer, birthday, computer, games, guitar hero ii, quake 4
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