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Tuesday night was the jolt TDM league night - so I was helping out adminning some of the games. It went OK, I'd been a bit nervous about it beforehand coz I don't play TDM & I wasn't really sure what was going to happen. But it was OK. Tho I did have a bit of a nightmare with the first game - they wanted to play on one of their own servers, which is fine, but then I had to download hundreds of maps :/ I'd checked earlier in the day that I had all the maps for the jolt servers, but obviously that didn't help. So we were late getting started (not all my fault though) and then they didn't have the second map on the server so we had to wait for that to be added - so the 2x20min games took an hour and a half :/ Still, was OK really. And the other game I adminned took the time it should take (partly the difference between div1 & div3 teams I think & partly coz I wasn't the only one concerned about finishing up promptly due to the late hour). Hopefully the demos I did didn't suck too much ;)

Other random things about the week - spent some time trying to sort out a problem two-face was having with ubuntu, despite never having used ubuntu. (Trying to install nvidia drivers, getting MD5sum errors on the CD, but I thought it was supposed to pull things from the net rather than off the CD anyway). Couldn't sort it out - but it's irrelevant now as he's gone back to windows (attention span of a gnat, that boy :P ).

Also spent a fair chunk of time typing up some of the information I've got about my family from the Scottish censuses - I'd written bits before in emails to Dad & Gordon (one of my uncles), but I was trying to pull it together somewhere slightly less temporary. I've not shown them yet - I want to add more data to it first.

The weekend has unfortunately not gone to plan - we were supposed to be going to London last night to see the Maxïmo Park gig. But J woke up at 3am the night before feeling very ill & spent most of the night throwing up :/ Some sort of stomach bug or food poisoning (tho we've mostly eaten the same food & I'm OK). When I got up at 10am we were still cautiously wondering if we would make it - but when noon rolled round & he was still feeling bad we decided we'd have to give it a miss :( He didn't make it out of bed till ~5pm & that was only to sit on the sofa for a couple of hours before going back to bed - there was no way we coulda made it to London let alone gone to a gig. He's feeling a lot better this morning, but still not eating much & taking it pretty easy.

So I spent the day playing computer games (I was too tired from being awake half the night to focus on much else) - a bit of civ4, a bit of guitar hero II and quite a lot of quake 4. And today may well end up the same way!
Tags: civ 4, family, genealogy, guitar hero ii, health, jolt league, quake 4, ubuntu
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