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Well, this is a little bizarre. I had a random conversation with Sath about how she was writing a poem and I remembered how long it'd been since I'd written a poem - probably 12 years or so. Back around then I wrote a poem for English about the colour black, but we weren't allowed to mention the colour in the poem itself. This started out as an attempt to recreate that, but veered off course a little. I wonder if I'll like this in the morning - I've had a few drinks - and I'll probably delete it if I think it's complete pap.

Deep, deep, black as night
Swoop of an owl overhead
Quivering mouse in fear of life
Quivering mouse close to the ground

Darkness broken by fearful noise
Ghosts and ghoulies go bump in the night
Light the fire
Switch on the lamp
Try to forget that you are the mouse
Try to forget that awful sound

Stillness suits the moment well
Still and quiet, I'm but a stone
Surely now this moment will pass
Surely I'm not the prey at last

Once was I a hunter too
Screamed to cause the mouse to still
All my skills are now in vain
I am the mouse
I am the prey

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