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25 May 2007 @ 09:32 am
I didn't quite escape unscathed from the stomach bug that J had - I had a very mild touch of it at the beginning of last week, enough to keep me up one night trying not to throw up, but it passed pretty quickly. Thankfully. And J was eating properly again by the weekend, which served not to worry his parents, too :)

We had a very productive weekend, as we always do when J's folks visit - J and his Dad (mostly his Dad) fixed the shed roof, J's Mam & I did some weeding. We nearly bought a bench (none of the ones that were in our price range were comfy though & some were downright fragile and thus useless - if it creaks alarmingly when I sit on it it's not gonna hold up to 2 people), and we did buy some flowering plants to go in a pot by the big tree in the garden.

J's Mam found the label for the big tree while she was weeding - it's apparently an Indian cedar. And what sort of moron plants a tree that says "height after 10 years = 12 feet; spread after 10 years = 9 feet; will continue to grow" right next to the fence in a smallish garden? Probably didn't read the label & I bet it looked nice when it was ~4 feet tall. Still looks nice now at well over 12 feet, but it belongs in a much bigger garden.

We also did some non-productive things - watched the telly quite a lot. Cup final (which let Anne get a nap for the afternoon ;) ), Doctor Who and The Seven Ages of Rock (which was about Hendrix & related artists last week).

Once J's folks left (a little before lunch on Sunday) we continued with being productive! We headed off to B&Q looking for benches (and failed to find any, still) but came back with some lights we'd been thinking about for a while - an upright lamp with a reading light for the living room, and a couple of bedside lamps coz while we do like the penguiny ones we had they don't really fit the room any more. And we went into town so J could spend some of his birthday loot :)

Most of what I've done this week (as well as chores) is genealogy stuff - which is interesting to me & my relatives, but less so for the general public ;) I also adminned more Jolt TDM league games on Tuesday night - and I know which games I want to do next week. It's the last week of the league & the winners of both Div3 & Div2 are going to be determined by the last game - with current leader & current 2nd place playing each other, if the current 2nd place clan wins the game then they've won the division (current leaders only need to win a single map). So they should be nice exciting games to watch :)
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