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Had a good weekend - both fun & useful (though not always both ;) ).

Saturday we went along to The Dove's beer festival - we've put the leaflet away already (see below) and I cba to go & fish it out, so no list of beers drunk. I do remember that J had one called Top Banana, which did indeed taste & smell of banana. So I thought that one was gross beyond belief, he rather liked it though. In the same round I had one called Orange Wheat, which wasn't so obviously orangey, but was rather nice. Unfortunately the Black Adder Oaked was finished by the time we were there (festival started on Weds), they'd been pimping that in the leaflet - the Mauldon's brewery were basically doing it specially for them, I think the point was that the barrels it was in were wooden. They'd organised it because of the success they've had with Theakston's Old Peculiar, which is always from the wood when it's on sale in The Dove now.

Sunday was a very relaxed day, I don't think we did anything. Partly because it was pissing down with rain all day & we didn't wanna go out in it! Monday also rained, but we did more around the house - we finally sorted out a box of keepsakes we've been meaning to get round to for ages. It's now three (better) boxes, more organised & with room to expand, rather than one overflowing & falling-to-pieces box. This is really the first stage in sorting out the box room, even tho this stuff had been in our bedroom for a while. And even though it's gone into the spare room now it's sorted. But next step is to start re-organising the stuff in the box room, maybe disposing of the computer carcasses that are in there, some of which don't even work.
Tags: beer, house, organisation
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