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Last night of the jolt league was Tuesday so I get my Tuesday evenings back now ;) I got to admin the games I wanted (beating Eden to the SDSR v KoS game by a mere 30s :D ), and I got mentioned in the summing-up news post as a notable person so that made me happy :)

Of course once that was over I was starting to twitch about Friday, when I was having the op to remove the cyst on my eyelid - I'd been managing not to think about it coz it wasn't till after the league finished, but obviously that meant that once it did finish ...

I got J to take a pic from before - we managed to get the light right so that it emphasised the cyst, it didn't actually look as bad as this (and somehow my glasses masked it quite nicely for everyday).


I was quite nervous about it - I wasn't sure if it being on my eyelid meant I was going to have to watch :/ But as it turned out, it was OK. Bit like the dentist in some ways - injection of local anaesthetic then lots of stuff that you couldn't quite feel but felt like it ought to hurt like hell, just didn't. I had my eyes shut, and they did something to pull the lower eyelid away from my eye, but I still couldn't see which was good :) I think they clamped it, then cut on the inside of the eyelid & got the stuff out of the cyst. I had to wear an eye patch for a couple of hours afterwards - which made J get me to say "Arrr!" coz I looked like a pirate ;)


Once the patch came off & I cleaned it up a bit it doesn't look so bad - bit bruised where the needle for the local anaesthetic went, and I can feel the bruising sometimes if I blink just wrong. It's still swollen up a bit - probably because it's been cut & prodded & squeezed & clamped ;) Hope fully when that all goes down it'll all be better :)

The - condition? syndrome? whatever? - of having these form is called Blepharitis, which sounds faintly ludicrous. I've got instructions about cleaning my eyelids & helping prevent more forming and also to get them to go away if they do form (there's another tiny one on my left eyelid atm, but that will hopefully go away).

And now I get to relax without that hanging over me.
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