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My eyelid's doing fine - a little uncomfortable, but not really sore. I'm a little concerned that they've not got rid of the cyst, but I'll have to wait & see if it's just swelling from the op that'll go away or if there really is still a lump there.

Had somewhat of a lazy day yesterday - we were originally gonna do garden chores, but abandoned that in favour of sitting out in the sun for an hour or so. It was lovely weather - but a little too hot to sit out for longer than an hour, we came in when J started turning pink despite the sun cream. Today doesn't look like it's gonna be quite so nice - weather forecast says it's supposed to be hot & sunny, but atm it's cloudy (tho still warm, coz I'm sitting here in shorts & a sleeveless top and I'm not cold).

Once we came in from the garden I played a few games of Q4 & kicked ass :D Gave FFB & Psylee a fright by nearly winning a game - they both pulled ahead in the last 2 minutes, but I still felt pleased with myself :) Played again later in the evening, but that wasn't so good & I gave up in disgust fairly quickly.

There was also telly watching - Doctor Who (the second of a two-parter, and really rather good), and 7 Ages of Rock (about punk, which isn't a genre I'm that keen on really, but this clarified that it's most UK punk (well, actually mostly The Sex Pistols) I don't much like & I suspect you had to be there to get the real impact of it). J then watched the thing about Sgt Pepper at the end of the evening (which is when I played a little bit of Q4 before giving up).

Instead of playing games I played around with The Gimp instead - messing about with some pics of our clematis, till I got something I liked the look of.

clematis picture
Tags: computer, doctor who, games, gimp, graphics, health, music, photo manipulation, quake 4, tv
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