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It's been a month since I updated this & I'm not really sure I can remember everything that's happened. Which is why I should try & update more often, but somehow it's not been working out like that.

Health - I've still got a little bit of a lump where I had the cyst removed from my eyelid. So I went back to the doctors about it & he said it was possibly scar tissue or possibly still a bit of the cyst remaining. But it's definitely not infected and as it's pretty small and not noticeable unless you know what you're looking for I shouldn't worry about it, unless it starts to get bigger again.

Social - somehow we've been recluses this last month. We did go to Cambridge on June 13th to see Marillion play (see J's writeup) and during that evening we met up with Paul and Gareth & Shital, all of whom we'd last seen at the Porcupine Tree gig a few weeks earlier. I think the only other social thing I've done was to meet sagima for lunch last week. We've not even been out to Furry - the current music selection isn't quite to our tastes and as we've not been inviting people along to it there's less incentive to actually go out - we can always sit at home and have a chat with better music, or pop out to the Dove for a (nicer) beer or two & a chat.

Games - still playing quake 4! There's finally been a new (non-beta) patch, which means we're back to playing the same thing on our Sunday games as the rest of the time. I'm still rebooting to windows to play though as I'm waiting for the patch to trickle through the gentoo ebuilds system. I've been made a public server admin for jolt too (I'm important, kinda ;)). Pretty much the only thing I can do is kick/ban people from the servers, so it's not that onerous - and within 24 hours of getting the rcon password I spotted someone using an aimbot to ban, which made me feel nice & useful :D

Talkers - not quite sure what triggered it, but J and I have been paying a bit more attention to Snowplains than we had been for a while. I'm back to idling in main rather than hidden away in my room, we've had a staff re-org which was long overdue. And I've spent a bit of yesterday and today writing a perl script to graph the number of users & staff logged in to the talker (prompted by looking at The Talkerlist's graphs, and thinking we might like to know about staff presence as well). I think I've done most of the actual work for that, it now needs prettifying (like scales on the axes, amongst other things) and possibly optimising.

And I'm sure there's loads of other things I've done or thought that I should share with people, but I can't remember them now, so that's your lot :)
Tags: computer, games, gig, health, perl, quake 4, snowplains, social
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