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Again with a catch-up entry. And again with somewhat of a lack of recollection of what precisely I've been doing.

We visited my parents earlier on this month - partly just to see them, partly to set up Dad's new PC. He'd cut it a bit fine with the ordering process, but the machine arrived on the same day as us so it all worked out in the end. As it was a new Dell it came with Vista on it - which was the first time I'd used it. First impressions are that it looks shiny but it's got an even stronger attitude of "MS knows best" than previous Windows offerings. Dad and I did succeed in getting it set up how Dad wanted it by the end of the day - even his new wireless router (which was a surprisingly painless set up). J & Mum hid somewhere else while all this was going on ... :)

We've started on shifting some stuff into the loft, now it's boarded. We got a ladder after we came back from Oxford, and by chance got the only sort of ladder that would fit into the slightly awkward space. It folds into 4 parts, so it can be set up in quite a small area, which turned out to be necessary as the loft access in is the cupboard on top of the stairs and there's not much manoevering room. All we've put up for now is a few empty boxes, the xmas decorations and a spare set of speakers. But we did rather brutally cull more of the stuff in the boxroom, so we're making a start on organising it - I took a bunch of stuff off to a charity shop on Monday, and yet more went in the bin. And finally, finally, we've disposed of 5 computer carcasses we had kicking about - I took the drives out & we took them down to the tip as they're all 5-10 years old and at least one doesn't power on anymore (not that I remember which one).

And I'll leave you with a small selection of pics I've taken on my phone recently:

First one was taken for Neffy's benefit ... shame they can't spell though:
give me liberty or give me oil

And I didn't think Wombat was quite this popular ;)
how to attract the wombat

I just boggled at this:
lambasaurus rex
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