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On Saturday we started the run of gigs for the rest of the year (7 in 4 months, 4 of which are in a little over 2 weeks) :) Saturday's was particularly "exciting" as we were going to drive into London rather than train/hotel - mostly because we'd not got our act together in time to get a cheap hotel room. We parked in the car park at Blackhorse Road tube station, as Gareth had recommended, and pleasingly only got lost the once. Well, not quite lost per se, I just mis-counted exits off the North Circular, but we fixed it pretty easily once I'd realised I screwed up.

We were going to see Steve Hogarth playing at the Union Chapel in Islington. I'd somehow assumed the venue was a converted church, but instead it was an actual, functional church that doubled up as a concert venue. Which was slightly odd - sitting in pews for a concert knowing that people would be sitting in the same seats for a church service a little over 12 hours later ...

The concert itself was fantastic :) Basically it's Steve H and a piano, and he plays Stuff, and chatters on for a bit. So we had some versions of Marillion songs, some of his solo stuff, some other (random?) stuff. It was pretty much a requests thing - people shouted out what they'd like to hear (and he practiced selective hearing & picked what he'd like to play). We also got told the story behind the lyrics for The Party, and he read out an entry from his diary from a couple of years ago.

We only got lost once on the way home, too. Different place from on the way there, though. It was nice to be coming home at the end of the evening, and it did make for a very much cheaper occassion, but not a particularly relaxed one. Still, it's a useful backup plan.

Most of the rest of the weekend was lost to computer games. We've got the demo of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, which I'm somewhat startlingly enjoying - enough to be getting a copy of the game for me too. It didn't sound like my sort of thing, from reading about it, but I'm doing better than I expected I would - probably all the quake 4 I've played over the last year or so has improved my aim ;) It's objective based team stuff - so you have to work together (to some extent) to do things like Blow That Up or Capture That Base. With different classes - soldiers kill things, obviously, but they also get to plant HE charges and Blow Shit Up (I like that :D ), there's also engineers that build things or mend things, or put down automatic guns. And more :)

I also played quite a bit of quake 4. That should be no surprise ;)

And this morning, I'm a tad hungover, which doesn't seem entirely fair as I didn't think I'd had that much to drink yesterday. But I started off a bit dehydrated (from not drinking enough water or anything else on Saturday) so maybe that's part of the problem.
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