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Wednesday was the day of the second in our series of concerts for the autumn - we went to see Fish playing at the Junction in Cambridge. A much less fraught journey than into London, we know where we're going and where we're going to park & so on. And even the rush hour traffic on the A14 wasn't too bad, just slightly more than our fair share of numpties on the road, particularly ones that drive with no lights on through rain that's heavy enough to significantly reduce visibility ...

The tickets said doors were at 8, which seemed rather late, but that gave us time to relax a little over dinner. We'd thought about going into town & getting food there (Gardies!), but the weather sucked - rain and freezing cold - so we decided pizza would be just fine. We weren't meeting anyone else before the gig (part way through the journey Paul texted to say he wouldn't make it) so once we were warmed up and done eating we thought about heading over to the queue - which took that moment to start moving into the venue! Doors were clearly not at 8, more like 7:20 ;)

First port of call once inside was the merch desk - 2 t-shirts (one each, that is) and a live album. The guy running the desk was a Character (very Scots, very loud), quite entertaining as a customer, but I thought he'd probably be a bit wearing if you were interacting with him day after day. Next port of call was the bar. Mmm, beer.

The support band were ... OK, and I've already forgotten what they were called. I wasn't keen on the singer's voice or on the lyrics he was singing, but the music rocked. Pleasant enough way to spend half an hour, but unlike the old boys standing infront of us I saw no need to rush to the merch desk & pick up their CD.

Thinking of old boys - for a change we were distinctly at the young end of the audience age range, with most of the people infront of us ranging from our age to possibly more than 20 years older. It was quite a different sort of people than are at most of the gigs we go to (even Marillion ones).

Not long before Fish came on the 7 foot guy turned up and stood in front of me. I often joke that that's what always happens to me at gigs, but it's rarely quite that literal. J and I were trying to guess at this bloke's height, and I think we thought it was probably 6'8" or so. And not a skinny bloke, either. Nicely blocked the view of the centre of the stage, I spent a lot of the gig craning my neck to peer over this guy's shoulders - tho near the end a space opened up infront of J where I wasn't behind this guy so I got a good view later.

Fish was great. I'm terrible at remembering setlists and so on, but he played most of Clutching at Straws (the last Marillion album he was involved with, released 20 years ago this year), as well as quite a few tracks from his new album (13th Star, which is a good album), and a smattering of things from the rest of his solo career. I particularly liked The Perception of Johnny Punter (which is from the Sunsets on Empire album) - it all drops back to being quiet with an almost spoken lyric in the middle and I liked the way that worked live.

As seems to be traditional at Fish gigs there were quite a few hecklers, and there were also a couple of points in the show where he stopped for a bit of an extended chat. Really not the same sort of thing as the bits of chat in the h show we were at on Saturday ;) I was gonna quote some bits, but they don't sound as funny written down, somehow.

Having got home at ~1am yesterday was mostly notable for being Really Fucking Tired. I'd not slept well Tuesday night, so having a shorter sleep on Weds night wasn't really very good. So I spent most of the day being Grumpy and braindead. I've caught up a bit on sleep now so I'm somewhat more alert, and less likely to fling a total hissy fit when a daddylonglegs buzzes me while I'm playing q4 *ahem*.
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