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06 October 2007 @ 11:42 am
Somehow my plan of posting more often and not doing catch up posts fell by the way side again. This does have something to do with the fact that a lot of what I'm doing at the moment is playing computer games which I feel is a trifle dull for those who don't play and probably not that interesting to read about even for those who do play ;)

I'm juggling Quake 4 and Enemy Territory: Quake Wars at the moment - I do still prefer Quake 4, but there's the whole "ooh shiny new game" thing with ETQW. And J's playing ETQW which means we're back to having a shared game which is nice :) I quite like the persistent stats thing with ETQW, though if you read round the forums people're obsessing too much about XP. It's not like it unlocks anything or anything - the game is about winning each map/campaign you're playing, it's just a nice indicator of what you're being successful at doing, what you might need to work on a bit, and how well you're doing.

Quake 4 wise - I don't think I ever actually mentioned that I joined Hotclan a couple of months ago. so theoretically I'm playing tdm now, but I think I've only actually played about twice. Partly coz people're very disorganised - spent too much of last Tuesday waiting to see if we'd got 4 for a game while various people said "yes, I'll play" "oh, no, sorry I'm doing something else". So mostly being in a clan just involves more (slightly drunken) irc conversations ;) Unfortunately the drama llama seems to be paying us an extended visit at the moment but I'm sure we'll shoot it soon ;)

In other news, we're definitely looking forward to our holiday at the end of the month. Coz we're taking 10 days or so then we'd not really taken a break this summer, which in retrospect was a bad idea - J's got enough holiday left that we could've done both. I think I've got pretty much everything sorted out for it though (which is good as it's less than 2 weeks), just got to ring to confirm the b&b bookings, really.
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