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Two months! Two months? Two months!?!

Er yes, I wouldn't really wanna read that catchup entry either. So, have the big bullet pointed list of doom. Or at least the big bullet pointed list of things wot I have done:

  • Maxïmo Park gig - was fun, wasn't that keen on the supports tho Theoretical Girl and the Equations had style but the music didn't live up to the image. Maxïmo Park rocked as you'd expect :) Security were unobtrusive until the fight broke out in the middle of the crowd, then startlingly efficient.
  • Pete & Amanda's wedding - was a happy occassion, right mix of formality & informality (and our table won the paper aeroplane competition!) and nice to get together with people, including some we'd not seen for a while.
  • The ratty-armageddon is nigh! See how they cunningly conceal their armaments in bird feeders! Fear their furry wrath!1
  • Pitlochry - we spent a few more days here after the wedding and poked around and chilled out, the place itself is a bit overly touristy, but nice walks aroundabout and a pub with good local beers even if one of them was called Braveheart.
  • Honeypot Cottage - J's great-great-great-grandparents lived here in the late nineteenth century, so when we saw it was a holiday cottage we just had to visit. Whilst far too cold initially (heating was off for days) it was rather cosy when it warmed up, but far too remote for my tastes. And it must've been bleak in the pre-electricity days!
  • If you do not submit peaceably they will steal all your ice-creams!2
  • John & Anne's Ruby Wedding Anniversary - J's folks wedding anniversary was a week after P&A's wedding so a visit seemed the perfect way to bookend our week off. I'd found a cranberry glass jug which we gave them (they collect this stuff) and they seemed very pleased with that and with the cake Jo organised.
  • Arcade Fire gig - fantastic gig, Alexandra Palace wasn't as hard to drive to or from as I'd feared, tho the weather could've been nicer. First support were Yeasayer & they're great, tho hard to describe, next support suffered from the comparison but weren't bad, Arcade Fire were great. We were further forward than I'd've expected & I had a good view of both stage & screens which was cool.
  • They are closer than you think!1
  • Beer Festival - the Dove had one of their festivals & we got Paul to come & join us. 15 beers tried between us, curry afterwards with more beer and retired home for some rather LARGE whiskies. I subsequently spent Far Too Long rambling drunkenly at people (well, mostly just yOUKAYJAY, everyone else got off lightly) on irc while J & Paul watched the DVD for the new Beirut album. The morning after is best left unmentioned, but I did cook a nice roast for a late lunch.
  • Marillion gig - worst journey to Cambridge ever with torrential rain and rush-hour muppets. Gig more than made up for it, no support but 2 sets from Marillion, the first being more serious than the second which was bouncy. Interval slide show was very funny too :)
  • Porcupine Tree gig - Anathema were support which I initially was disappointed by as I've seen them more than I really feel the need to but actually they were pretty good. Porcupine Tree rocked, I had a good view of the screens for the songs with visuals, and I think on the whole this current album ("Fear of a Blank Planet") works best for me live with the visuals.
  • Bow down and worship before your new Ratty Mistress!3

And that's pretty much it for the big events. There's been the usual other bits & bobs - games playing, hanging out online, doing housework, reading books etc etc. Now I've pretty much got the xmas prep done (all posted that needs to be, all bought that should be, tho not yet wrapped) and we're about to start on the next stretch of sociability & consumerism ;) (PS3 for xmas!!)

1. Yes, yes, I am nuts, why do you ask?
2. You really should click through the links, the rats are cute, tho it doesn't make any of it make more sense ;)
3. Sadly Fudge passed away before her plans could come to fruitition; Pickle, Capri and Sienna have vowed to continue in her name1.

All rat pics courtesy of yOUKAYJAY whose rats they are, but he'd probably appreciate me pointing out that the ratty-armageddon is entirely the product of my own somewhat strange imagination. Or at least that's what the rats have told him to tell me to tell you!1
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