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We'd had a half formed plan to go for a drink with Ed this weekend, as it's the last free weekend we have before xmas. But when we got in touch with him it turned out that he was away, so there went that plan. We still headed off to The Dove for a couple of pints, would've been a shame not to. And J particularly wanted to try the Adnams Yuletide (which was rather nice - a dark winter beer, fittingly - but as the beer I had (Elwood Dark Brink Porter) was very strong flavoured it suffered a little in comparison).

That was pretty much the only time we ventured out of the house all weekend (well, I went to the Co-op for wine & mince pies on Saturday, but that hardly counts). Mostly we played games and J watched large chunks of the extra stuff in the Blade Runner DVD set. I even played some ETQW for the first time in weeks - Sunday's games went particularly well :) And played Q4 too, which kinda goes without saying.
Tags: beer, computer, games, social
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