February 16th, 2001


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Bleh! Been a pants day, but not quite sure why. Didn't get much work done ... just can't summon up the enthusiasm. bleh. Did get some done though, so not completely pants. Here's hoping next week comes complete with a large batch of energy and enthusiasm :)

Had a sight test/contact lens check up ... don't need new glasses (hurrah! didn't wanna spend that much money) ... was the world's most patronising woman ever who did the contact lens check up though :/ She was the one who did my first contact lens thing - she might've remembered me from that (for all I know she's written it in my notes :/) ... basically on the first go, the person checking your eyes out puts the lenses in your eyes for you. I just couldn't do it, every time she got her finger anywhere near my eye I flinched. And the longer it went on, the worse it got. I finally convinced her to let me try and put them in myself (which took ages, but I could do that - don't mind touching my own eye, but I'm damned if I'll let someone else stick their fingers in). But if she did remember that she probly thought I was a 'difficult' patient. Grr. Ah well.

Then rang J whilst on my home and discovered Snowplains had gone bang in my absence. We'd (well they'd, I don't tend to mess with code/linux on anything important) upgraded the kernel to 2.2.18 for a coupla things we needed to sort out and then Snowplains wouldn't work when the box was rebooted :/ Got a temporary fix in now, and apparently there's more of a proper fix we'll do later ... but again I know nothing of these things. Was weird ... Berry's rarely online these days, but today we had all 4 admin on, but not on snowplains! Kinda frustrating for me though (which didn't improve my mood any)... I wanted to help, but I just don't know enough about the system or the code or any of it really to have been any use, I just kinda hung about on the sidelines trying to think of something useful to say. (And trying not to ask to many 'what does that mean?' type questions)

Got J a box of chocolates while I was out too ... he's been sad and grumpy all week so I'm hoping this'll help to cheer him up a little (I can say this now coz by the time he gets near a puter so can read this then I'll've given him the choccies ;) ).

Bleh! Grump! Mutter! Whinge! (and not for any good and/or discernable reason)
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